VVT 950

With the VVT 950 Sport VVT proves once again that with a masterly combination of lines and low-maintenance materials a ship is created with the Wow factor.

Lounging through the canals, with a large group of friends, water skiing on more spacious water or a weekend at Terschelling including overnight stay, the VVT 950 Sport is everywhere in her element.


Built-in outboard

The VVT 950 Sport comes with a built-in outboard, making this Tender extremely calm and quiet when you want to lounge, and it is a beast when they are let out on the spacious water.

The VVT 950 can be delivered as a Walkaround with spacious front cockpit including large benches in the bow, or as Runabout where the gangways are extra wide and a sun deck is integrated in the front deck and a spacious double cabin under the fore.

A price indication for a well-equipped ship with, among other things, teak-look decks and floors, 250 hp (60 + km / h), refrigerator (85 liters), toilet, double bed, luxury upholstery, tempered glass window, convertible top, etc .; is € 122.500, – (VAT Incl.)

The VVT 950 Sport is a distinctly fast yacht. The ship is available with engines with a capacity of 70 to 250 hp. With the heaviest engine on board, this boat gets a speed of no less than 60+ kilometers per hour, thanks to the sophisticated hull shape and lightweight aluminum. This also contributes to this ship being surprisingly economical in fuel consumption