VVT 888

VVT 888 Sport Tender

with sublime sailing characteristics
The VVT 888 Sport Tender is a new timeless design inspired by the classics of yesteryear with `sporty sheer`.

Of course, the advantages of today’s techniques and materials are incorporated in this beautiful design such as a VVT Design floor (from a plastic based on rice husk) in the cockpit and on the deck, of course the cockpit is self-draining, and therefore like all VVT low maintenance, but with the appearance of light aging teak.

The VVT 888 Sport Tender can be equipped with integrated Outboard engines up to 225HP, these quiet and economical machines are concealed so that there is sufficient air supply to be able to perform optimally. (top speed 70 km / h)


Tender with many options
The Sport Tender 800 is available with many additional options such as:

bow shaker
pillow set
design floors and decks
cockpit lighting
hydraulic steering
radio with amplifier
navigation lighting
docking lights
inboard tank
soft top
softtop partition (sleeping space for 2 people)
cooling drawer
side blades
design frogs
design flagpole