HY 43

Main particulars

Length hull                    13 m

Length Water Line       12,1 m

Breadth:                            4.25 m

Draught:                           1 m

Fresh water approx:  800 Liter

Diesel approx:                2×600 Liter

Waste water approx: +/- 300-400 Liter

Engine output:               2 x 230 hp Iveco S30


The body and the superstructure will be made of aluminium 5083. The thickness of the keel insole is 10 mm, the bottom plate is 6 mm and the side plates of the body is 5 mm. The deck and deckhouse are 4 mm. The side decks will be approximately 40 cm wide, in consultation with the design.

Below the waterline the ship will be welded in a double manner. Two bulkheads will be constructed in the body. Frame spacing will be 35,5 cm.