G Hybrid Series

Aluminium Hybrid Yacht Series

G yachts are a series of zero-emission, electric driven, silent aluminium hybrid yachts that are built from 100% recyclable material.

 G yachts offer customers an attractive eco-friendly alternative to diesel cruising.

Currently available in 4 lengths, 40ft, 47ft, 50ft and 60ft

G yachts are able to cruise for up to 30 miles each day on one charge.

Customers have a choice of two propulsion systems that offer a reliable service with almost zero maintenance. Both also offer the benefits of no noise, smell or vibration.

G Electric Yacht and Hybrid Boat Technology


G is a zero emission, electric driven and eco-friendly electric motor yacht brand. G is a silent boat manufactured from 100% recyclable material and propelled with high-tech electric motors. With zero fuel consumption it can cruise up to 30 nautical miles per day