22 K MMD


Length Overall 22.00 meter Length W.L 17.80 meter

Beam Overall 6.70 meter Draught (Base to DWL) 1.17 meter

Displacement 37,000kg

Total Fuel capacity 10,000ltr

Water capacity 1500 ltr (with water desalination if required)


This 22m Vessel has been designed to provide a multi-purpose craft primarily in the commercial wind farm industry and survey role but also capable of being used as a sports fishing /diving vessel . The vessel is designed to provide fast and efficient running at cruising speeds and loitering, combined with excellent sea-keeping. The vessel is to have a twin engine, conventional shaft and propeller propulsion with excellent all round visibility, a forward wheelhouse, with large clear aft deck layout. The vessel is constructed in Aluminium and will comply to all Classification Socitey Rules & Regulations The design is to provide and give high reserves of buoyancy to maximize rough weather sea keeping as well as safe handling at loitering speeds and should also minimise pitching movement; efficient spray rails should be incorporated to keep the deck dry and to damp motions in heavy seas. Careful attention should be paid to weight control and detailed design, to produce a robust and sea kindly craft fit for the demanding role of offshore ship supply and crew transfer. In view of the operation requirements, weight refinement need not be taken to the minimum limits allowed by classification rules, but should be carefully considered combining robust construction with efficient operation. The design and construction of the vessel should be such that maintenance is reduced, reliability increased to ensure minimal vessel down time. Both construction and fit out materials should be specifically chosen from key suppliers to ensure that quality and reliability is not compromised. The Aluminium structure is to be designed and built to the requirements of the Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS) Special Service Craft (SSC) Rules.


All design and fabrication is in accordance with the appropriate Classification Society Rules with all metal of marine grade 50830 and 6082T6. To avoid edge to edge welding with differing sheet thicknesses, chine bars are to be used extensively to increase structural strength and avoid any thermal distortion and welding stress. Where necessary shell plating is to be spaced away from the frames to avoid stress points and all chine bars are to be slotted, with radiused corners, into the framing. Substantial framing and shell plating is necessary to ensure maximum durability in an industry where vessel down time cannot be tolerated. The hull is to be abraded and coated with an epoxy primer prior to the application of two coats of antifouling.