50 MMD


This specification describes an all welded steel & aluminium built sea-going luxury yacht. The Vessel will be build in accordance with G.A. Plan. A short description of the vessel; The Motor Yacht illustrated in the general arrangements enclosed to the present specification is a luxury “pleasure yacht” with an overall length of 50 mtrs. The hull will be made of steel while the superstructure will be made of aluminium, according to the project philosophy. According this philosophy the yacht will be build to achieve an extremely low level of noise and vibrations, in order to increase the comfort and quality. The interiors, studied to respect the ergonomic principles, will be designed, according the appointed architect and taste of the client, to obtain the maximum comfort at sea.The thermo insulation and the air conditioning system, as specified will be conceived to adapt the yacht to a navigation in the Mediterranean and tropical area (world wide operation). The yacht to be built in accordance with the MCA ruling for unlimited navigation.


Length over all appr. 50.00 m.

Length b.p.p. appr. 37.35 m.

Beam mld. appr. 8.60 m.

Depth main deck appr. 4.50 m.

Draught design max. appr. 2.45 m.

Speed max. (100% MCR at draught 2.45 m.) appr. 16.0 knots Range (at speed 12 knots) min. 4.500 nm

CAPACITIES Fuel oil appr. 72 m3

Fresh water appr. 15 m3


Engines features 2 x Caterpillar C32 1800rpm / 2 x abt. 1050 hp Reduction gears 2 x ZF W4400 Water makers 2 x Hem – l/day or equal Propellers 2 x 5 fixed blades Main generators power Beta Marine 2 x 110 kW/50 Hz Guests places 10+ Owner’s cabin Crew places 9 + Captain The hull is made of “Grade A” steel.The aluminium superstructure on the main deck and above is made of “ALMg4.5MN”. The accommodation is provided with air conditioning and heating.Stainless steel will be AISI 316L, passivated where necessary. All wood will be of 1st class quality, sound, dry and free of defects with a moisture content not exceeding 15%. Deck planks will be quarter sawn and of uniform colour and straight grain. All glues used will be suitable for tropical conditions